Hello There! Thank you so much for visiting.  I want to tell you a little about my book, the differences between the hardcover and Gatefold cover, a little about me, the coming Blog and future items for sell.

It is with an abundance of joy and pride that I offer my book, A Woman's Art by Her Grandfather's Hands. This book is more than a collection of artwork; it is a blending of art book and memoir. However, my book is not meant to tell my whole life story. For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to creating art, so it is fitting that any memoir I write, no matter how broad or narrow, would encompass the creative realm of my life. 

As one who taught literature, I could not in all honesty create a book without its having a story. So embedded in these 265 pages and more than 900 full-color images or photographs is a story. I am hopeful you will follow the storyline and find wonder, inspiration, learning, and most of all enjoyment.

For various reasons, including wanting to reach a wide audience, I have published two different cover formats. One is an edition of only 100 done in fabric hardcover binding with gold foil lettering on the front cover and spine. A greater number of Gatefold cover books (also known as French flaps) are available. This option has a cover made of scuff-free laminated 100# Sterling Silk cover stock. Another special feature of the hardcover is the End-papers that I designed. End-papers are adhered to the back of the front and back covers. Whether you purchase the hardcover or the Gatefold cover, you will be getting a beautiful book. 

The interiors of both books are the same and are printed on 100# Sterling Silk Text paper. DIMENSIONS: Hardcover- 9 x 12" Gatefold- 8 3/4 x 11 3/4"
My book will make a nice gift to yourself or to someone else. 


I was born in the South - Wadesboro, North Carolina, grew up in the South and the North (Philadelphia, PA), lived in a few other states - California, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Jersey. 

I taught Language Arts in secondary-level schools in a few of the states where I lived over many non-consecutive years, held a few jobs in the corporate sector over a period of 15 consecutive years, earned a few degrees, traveled abroad, wrote one novel and a few poems; am, always was and always will be a creature of the Arts in search of beauty.
I have sold my upcycled clothing designs for several years on Etsy under various shop names as well as at arts and crafts fairs and at retail boutiques. Many of those one-of-a-kind pieces of artwear are featured in my book. I have included not only as part of my art portfolio but as a historical record of women's fashion. 

I plan to do some blogging from this website although I do not have a firm date or a pre-planned list of topics. I will be consulting with others on planning their legacies - the creative, non-financial types. 

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